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Company Name : PARRI- Original Shagreen
Member Since : May 02, 2011
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PARRI- Original Shagreen

GALLERY Parri - Original Shagreen

Leather goods  has become a worldwide brand with its own image "Elegant, Exclusive and never old in fashion" World Fashion never be separated from its role, especially exotic skin type, because it has high artistic value with re-imagining nature.

In Age of empire, the skin has become raw material for the designer creations to meet the needs of the kingdom, they make jewelery boxes as containers storing accessories, other than that the designers also developed a skin as clothing would also footwear. Can you imagine if an object is handed over to the King, must have a perfect model of beauty, in addition to the basic material to go through the selection of his skin was tight, really careful and cautious in every process of manufacture. Up in the Age cosmopolitan now, leather creations can still be enjoyed by us all. If you have one product from the skin, you are including people who have hobby of collecting or as a user. Now you no longer have trouble finding leather products of various kinds.Gallery Parri, located in the city of Yogyakarta, providing for what you want. Such as fish skin as our superior product (Sharks, Snapper, Tilapia).

Gallery Parri has been explored and created various forms of wallets, handbags, accessories such as key chains, where the coins, as well as where to place cigarette lighter, jackets, shoes, boxes, a lamp, vase coated funiture even fish skin. All of our products using 100% leather basic materials. Style Gallery Parri product is "Ellegan and Exclusive" with his trademark that never change from year to year is "skin texture is firm, smooth and attractive color depth, capable of enduring." Gallery Parri with the modern feel of the place, leaving no natural elements, provide comfort for you to choose our products freely. Welcome to the PARRI.CO.ID - DIAN MANDALA.

You'll find a many kind of products made from exotic materials such as leather which FISH SKIN Pari fish, sharks, and Snapper. All these products raw materials obtained from local fishermen and made in Yogyakarta since 1990. Processing of these materials using the technology and production systems are standard so as to produce products with guaranteed quality and has been recognized by the international market. You'll immediately get these products from us as producers, without passing through an intermediary so that the quality and price and get a guarantee authenticity guaranteed and damage during the life of this product