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Company Name : SUWASTAMA
Member Since : January 30, 2010
Email Address :
Phone : +62 271 726111
Fax : +62 271 726444
Website :
Address : Slamet Riyadi Street 280 Gumpang - Kartasura CENTRAL JAVA - INDONESIA 57169


Suwastama in Solo, Indonesia, on the island of Java, has mastered the process of incorporating sustainable practices with mass production. As one of the largest furniture and home accessories manufacturer in Indonesia, Suwastama has one of the most advanced operations on the island through the direct involvement of one of the largest furniture retailers in the world. As a result, it has created systems that allow for a high standard of safety and employee support. Additionally, its processes include the rare occurrence of a mass produced production line that uses an all water-borne finish system.
This system recaptures treated waste water and returns it to the finishing area of the facility to preserves fresh water, a critical component of a highly populated island like Java and for the islands of Indonesia in general. The range of products go from rattan seating and tables, to woven water hyacinth baskets, a variety of coconut stick place settings and runners, storage containers from pandanus, to bedroom suites and chaise lounge chairs.  Suwastama is an acronym for a total respect for and moral commitment to our natural resources, land, water, wind, and sun.
This philosophy requires Suwastama to seek more sustainable products and operations. The wide use of rapidly renewable fibers native to central Java, throughout the home accessories range versus synthetic or non-native materials, is a means to achieving this philosophical approach. In addition, a material-wide toxicity test for all products provides the consumer with a more sustainable product and a trustworthy source for home furnishings and home accessories. Suwastama represents the future of sustainable Indonesia: modern, expansive, and in respectful harmony with our gifts from nature.